Product Lines

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Light weight corrosion proof air release and combination air valves. CO, UT WY, MT, NM, West Texas
* Aqua Tap
Convenient powered waterline tapping machine in molded carrying case. CO, UT WY, NM, West Texas
* BMP, Inc.
High quality, economical oil-debris-water separator to improve storm water quality. CO, UT WY, NM, West Texas
Exclusive, high quality internal and external seals for manhole and pipe joints. CO, AZ, NM, WY
PVC water and sewer pipe 4" to 60". PRO21, CORR21, LOK21, C900, C905, D3034, D2321. CO
From flange packs and bolt packs to meter couplings, ball valves, SS stiffeners, tracer wire and gas products; Your C’s and D’s are our A’s and B’s!
High quality PVC sewer schedule 40 gasket and solvent welded fittings. Also in C900 Dimensions for non pressure applications. CO, UT, WY, Scottsbluff, NE
Rugged and reliable casing spacers including the non-metallic Ranger II. Highest quality flange gaskets and insulating kits for any application. Easty to install Monolithic isolation joints. CO, UT, NM, West TX
Modular Seals, Century-Line® Sleeves and Cell-Cast® Disks are used to seal cylindrical objects passing through barriers of all types. CO, UT, NM
Hydrant Repair Parts
Quality hydrant repair products with repeatable tolerances. CO, UT, WY, MT
Deflection Gauges, Spin Doctor, Rip Cord Ventilator / Smoker / Valve Exercise & Hydro Excavation Equipment. CO, UT, WY, NM
High quality flexible couplings for gravity pipes.CO, UT, WY
Wide variety superior plumbing sealants, solvents, tools, and accessories including BLUE LUBE. CO, WY, MT

Quality mainguard flushing hydrants and sampling stations. CO, UT, NM
Inflatable & mechanical test plugs and hydrostatic test pumps. CO, UT, NM, El Paso
AWWA C110 Flange & C153 MJ Fittings, MJ & Flange Bolt Packs, Gate valves, Check Valves, Fire Hydrants, Flange Converters. CO, UT, NM, WY
Shear Guard casing eliminates offset joints for pvc and clay pipes. CO, UT, WY, NM
* Reliner
Quality plastic composite manhole invert replacements, drop bowls for inside manhole service line drops. CO, UT, WY, NM, West TX
High visibility markers for every conceivable application featuring the TriView Post Markers. CO, UT
Manufacturer of Fralo Tanks. Now offering the Multi-Tank septic or cistern. Blow molded septic tanks & cisterns with a 50 Year Warranty. CO, WY, NM
Providing mini and mainline cameras, lateral inspection systems, transporters of all types and sizes, explosion proof equipment, lateral tap-cutters, multiple truck mounted systems and more. CO, WY, NM, UT
Superior freeze and vandal protective enclosures for any outdoor application. Standard and custom sizes. CO, UT, WY

Manufacturing the broadest line of pipe joining and pipe repair products available in the industry. New Cam-Lock Pipe Restraints. CO, UT, WY, MT, NM, El Paso

* SW Services
Time saving debris cap for valve boxes. No bounce valve box lids. CO, UT, WY, NM
Reliable vault vent check valves and odor control valves. CO, UT, WY, NM